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Creator: Chris Dieckhoff
Home Fishing Area: Blind Pony Lake
Age: 38
City: Sweet Springs, Mo.
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I created this website because my family and I find fishing relaxing, but the information we wanted was hard to find or didn't exist. For the family to make plans for a fishing or camping trip, we would have to research areas we would want to fish and then research camping grounds near that area. I found this to be a very tedious job that usually took a couple weeks. We often were too late to register for a camp site near the area we were wanting to camp. I felt that a website that offers all the information needed to plan a fishing or camping trip could save time.


This website allows anglers that fish within the state of Missouri, to update information and methods they use at fishing areas located in Missouri. Anglers, at their discretion, may input information about locations that they fish, as well as other information, such as: baits; hooks, jigs and other tackle. Camping and other activities near that area may also be updated. There are weekly reports from MDC's website for anglers to use, but does not include information about camping and other activities for that area.